Health Insurance


Health Insurance

When it comes to your family’s healthcare needs, Time Vision can provide you total peace-of-mind.  We have association with Major Healthcare providers viz, Sovereign, nib, SouthernCross & AIA. These suppliers have a wide range of products to cover a wide range of circumstances.   We can assist you to choose the best option to suit your needs and budget. The RIGHT Policy, with the RIGHT benefits, at a premium that you can afford will help you protect your family at the time of need.


Why Health Insurance?

It is a lifestyle product designed to be claimed on throughout life’s’ journey, not just at older ages and it’s not just for major surgery.  In fact, industry statistics show that :

  • 3/4 twenty year olds will claim on their private health insurance by the time they have reached thirty
  • 1/3 couples in their early 30s with a young child will claim on their policy in a given year

People should consider private health insurance before they develop medical issues to give themselves certainty and choice.

We want to ensure that our clients have certainty of cover and choice of treatment options. Medical Insurance offers assess to timely private treatments and choice of medical provider.  Whether you need diagnostic scans, surgery or ongoing help with recovery, you can be sure that your health is our priority.

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