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Home Loans: New and Refinancing

Buying a new house is always filled with mixed emotions – from excitement to nervousness. As professional mortgage advisors we are not linked with any one bank or lender and work in your best interests to provide you with unbiased advice whether you are purchasing your first home, upgrading to a new home, buying an investment property, or looking at refinancing your mortgage. We deal with all the major lenders in the market and do all the leg work to ensure that you receive the best available outcome for your situation.


Commercial & Business Loans

Obtaining and managing loans for commercial and/or business purposes is often much more complex than a home loan. While you may see different potential and opportunities with these types of purchases and investments, they also come with different risks and pitfalls to be aware of, such as shorter loan terms, higher deposit requirements, increased interest rates, etc. We don’t simply provide you with an approval and disappear, we work closely with you through the whole process to ensure you are making the correct decisions and avoid falling into any potential pitfalls.


Debt Structuring

Whether you have a home loan, commercial loan, or looking at consolidating debt, it is vitally important to ensure that the loan is structured correctly to enable you to get optimum benefit. As professional advisors we work closely with other professionals such as tax specialist, accountants, solicitors, banks, registered valuers to provide you with the best advice and solution for your situation.

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